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We always feel that our pet is getting the best and knowledgeable staff we can give her to keep her healthy and happy. – Robert A.

Pet Diagnostics

Pets can’t tell us why they’re feeling pain or discomfort, and many times, the results of the physical exam aren’t enough to get an accurate reading of their health. That’s why veterinarians often rely on non-invasive diagnostic imaging technology to safely examine pets internally. Fort Lauderdale’s Arbor Pet Hospital uses digital radiology and ultrasonography imaging and is equipped with a full in-house laboratory for blood work and other tests.

Digital Radiology

Digital radiology (X-rays) allows us to examine your pet’s internal structures, including the bones and abdomen. With this technology, we can detect bone fractures, foreign bodies, and joint problems. Unlike film X-rays, digital radiology produces high quality images in a matter of seconds. These images can be enhanced and e-mailed, allowing for a more accurate diagnosis. This technology is also much safer than film because it results in significantly less radiation.


Ultrasound uses sound waves to examine a pet’s internal organs by creating an image of the targeted area in real time, using a probe. This technology is a unique diagnostic option because it allows us to determine the structure, shape, tissue density, and size of the internal organs. It can also be used to detect the presence of tumors and evaluate heart function.

In-House Laboratory Services

Arbor Pet Hospital is equipped with a full in-house laboratory, where we can perform most lab work. This includes complete blood counts and chemistry profiles, urinalyses, heartworm tests, and other screenings. In cases where more extensive tests are required, off-site medical laboratories are used and yield timely results.

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