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Arbor Pet Hospital is located directly east of Five Points in Wilton Manors only minutes from Oakland Park. Whether you come from Oakland Park, Coral Shores, South Middle River, or Fort Lauderdale, we are easily accessible at 1220 Northeast 26th Street, Wilton Manors, FL 33305

Skin Irritation is a Common Symptom of Allergies in Pets. We Can Help!

Tropical weather can contribute to allergies in pets the same as it does our own. Mold, grass, and pollen counts can be high much of the year and our pets can show their sensitivity through their skin. When this happens, they exhibit a chronic condition known as atopic dermatitis. If untreated, the dry, scaly, inflamed skin of atopic dermatitis leads to itching. If the itching goes on for a spell of time, your pet may develop a secondary infection requiring additional treatment.

Though allergies are a common culprit of skin concerns in pets, there can be various reasons for them, such as a fungal infection or parasites. We have a strong interest in pet dermatology at our animal hospital for Oakland Park.  We're prepared to run diagnostic testing to understand why your pet's skin isn't healthy. Once we are certain of the source of the problem, we prescribe effective treatment measures. In managing whatever skin ailment your pet suffers from, we use the most current veterinary medications as well as special diets. Book with our knowledgeable veterinarians so they can analyze your pet's skin.

About Animal Hospital Accreditation

Only 12-15% of animal hospitals are accredited according to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). Outside AAHA and state minimums, there are no other organizations that provide guidelines to and regulate animal hospitals. We're proud to say that we hold accreditation at our animal hospital for Oakland Park because it shows we hold ourselves to the highest standard in our industry. Accreditation is entirely voluntary and every three years, we are reinspected by AAHA representatives. They check for around 900 standards that include cleanliness, the tools we use, safety, and customer service. Since 1933, AAHA has been elevating the care of companion animals. Call us at (954) 565-1896 to learn more about our standard of care and schedule your four-legged friend today.