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Last minute and they said yes come in. Understood my concerns of my family pet. Courteous, helpful, understanding, knowledgeable and professional throughout the examination and visit. - Ernesto S.

Pet Exams in Ft. Lauderdale

Preventative Pet Care

We know your pet is both your valued companion and family member, and at Arbor Pet Hospital, we treat them that way. Since our mission is to improve your dog’s or cat’s quality of life, preventative care is a cornerstone of that mission. We believe the best way to help a pet live a long, healthy life is with regular preventative care in the form of comprehensive wellness exams.

The Wellness Exam

Pets of all ages need a routine nose-to-tail wellness exam to ensure they’re healthy. However, senior pets typically require more frequent check-ups to accommodate the changes and health risks that come with age. The specifics of these exams are also dependent on breed and lifestyle and may vary from pet to pet. Each wellness visit allows us to either prevent disease entirely or detect it in its earliest stages. The sooner we detect an illness, the sooner we can treat it and prevent it from progressing. We routinely rely on diagnostic tests for a thorough internal examination, which allows us to provide the most accurate treatment recommendations.

Pet Vaccinations in Wilton Manors

Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinations are an integral part of preventative medicine, as they protect pets against a variety of serious and potentially-fatal viruses and diseases. These include Rabies, Bordetella, Lyme disease, and Feline Leukemia, to name a few. Ideally, all pets should begin receiving vaccinations when they are puppies/kittens and continue annually into seniorhood. Specific vaccination schedules and recommendations are based on your pet’s age, breed, species, and lifestyle. Our doctors will discuss these with you during the preventative wellness visit.

Parasite Prevention

Just as with vaccinations, parasite prevention is critical both for outdoor and indoor pets, including cats, since some parasites can cause potentially-deadly health problems. Infected mosquitoes can cause Heartworm disease. Ticks can cause Lyme disease and other infections. Fleas can cause flea allergy dermatitis and cause tapeworm infection. Here in Florida, there are many parasites that can be a year-round concern, so it’s important to provide year-round protection for your dog or cat in the form of preventative products and annual testing (heartworm, etc.). We can discuss our recommendations for your pet’s needs during their next appointment.

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